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The Thrill is Gone

Riley B. B. King the undisputed king of the blues died late Thursday at home in Las Vegas. He was 89. BB King’s musical innovation included a call and response between him and his Gibson guitar, which he affectionately called Lucille. His beautifully crafted single string runs were punctuated by loud chords, subtle vibratos and […]


My Dear White People

As is well known, black people were brought to America after a series of excursions from Caucasian as they made forays into Africa where they extirpated the land and consequently forced their captives to work as slaves; working on plantations picking cottons, tilling land, cleaning land and all other assorted acts of forced servitude.


Beating the Odds

Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome (WAS) is a genetically inherited immunodeficiency disease that occurs

Indicted On A Double Homicide

Indicted on a double homicide. Former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez has now been indicted on

Anybody CAN Get Suspended

Floyd Mayweather has to be a bit disappointed in his young protégé Adrien Broner after his

There’s A New Kid On The Block Now

There's a new kid on the block now. Oklahoma Thunder star Kevin Durant won his first of many MVP